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What are friends for...

The question today is what are friends for... if they act like enemies? I mean everytime I turn around someone is mad at someone. Oh well. Today was a rather interesting day... after waking up at 7 am in the morning and getting ready to work on the land in a hour... I had a pretty interesting day.

At like 11:10 am I went to the car and fell asleep in the back for twenty minutes til I was woken up by Cassie... Then I woke up again after falling asleep and Cassie's family were getting back into the yeah. After all that... we went back home and such...watched t.v. Nothing special.

I talked to Luke and Danny online... Danny sent me like 4 new Malice Mizer/gackt videos... Illumanti is really erotic-ish...its cool though...cause like it's all about sex, bondage, blood and stuff. :) My kind of stuff. Lets see Luke and I talked...Blah we argued and forgave... I checked my old hotmail account and I had gotten e mail from John stating he was leaving for three weeks, which I knew. And apprently his new girlfriend is a girl named "Tess" well I hope she has fun with him...cause after I lost all the things I had to him... he decided he wanted to start something new with someone else, but what do I care!

Anyways, I'm going swimming on Wensday! Yay! With me, Rachel, Jon, and Cassie. :) I get to get a swim suit too. Yay! Anyways I got people to go rate and bother on VF!
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