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Oy, This is getting annoying...

I'm started to get annoyed with this whole journal thing... Oy vey, this sicks... :( Bleh.

Lately I dont have much to say anymore... Its getting boring in my life. I've been at my grandma's for awhile now... like four days with Cassandra and I am beginning to hate all my supposed 'friends' ...Bleh. Cassandra got a profile on VF... I have a new one as well. But that one I am not giving out. She's Manas_Kozi.

I got to talking with Mairin, she is pretty cool. Her favorite bands are Malice Mizer and Dir en grey like mine. Sooo she rocks. I'm terribly bored.

This journal entry sucks... just like my life.

My mom is terribly pissed at me... so Yay for me. :(

Bai Bai.
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