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BLAH...o.o Moo?

Mm, Hello my beautiful children. By the way, I say that with -much- love. Mm, Hehe. Anywhom, today is yet another day being spent at Cassandra's wasting my pitiful life away. My very existence is at hand and I cannot even grasp it... cause my life sucks.

This morning was pretty much the same... get up, call a friend, play some video games, wash some clothes, take a shower, go to a friends house. Meh, all the same.

Danny, you're hawt-ness. I'm sending you a present, get over it. :) Muahahaha.

Lately I have found most of my friends to suck and some to rather -dislike- me... And all of you... do know who you are. Mm, Anywhom, We shall be returning to the land today... x.x How fun? Mm, Yeah, anyways, we took pictures with the digi cam and such. So yeah. Bleh. I was on to "Top Rated Girls" On vf... apparently... I'm "hawt" as they say... They're blind. Anyways...

I'm going to go...


Bai Bai.
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