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Another Day...

Well, today is going by so interesting... after fyghtyng wyth my mother, I ran off to Cassie's to play vydeo games and such. Now I am syttyng at the computer.

Eh... I myght have to go to Menards or somethyng... Ehhhh... Gah.

Anyways, I'm lyke really bored... Laura-ness is goyng to make me a coooool pycture that says somethyng remotly interestyng. Anyways... I love you, Laura. You fuckyng rock my world. =D

Anyways, thys journal is gettyng rather poyntless and boryng. O.o

Kynd of lyke my lyfe. O.o Anyways... I'm endyng thys here.

Bai Bai.

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