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Bleh, Today is hot outside and stuff... I'm suppost to be at meh grandma's... but Now I am at Cassie's for the day...gotta go back tomorrow though. Meh... The stupid modem broke so They are sending a new one that'll be there on tuesday.... Gah... Thys sucks.

Hmm... Matt called meh yesterday to apologize for being a jerk... x.x; Lol Hm, I got a new skirt and top today...

Yesterday, I was at a bunch of places... I ended up getting a awesome Wakizashi. XD Lol, Cassie stabbed the car seat with it... >.>;; Hehe... I'm lyke tired... Anyways..

Thats about all I have to say... I'm gonna go lyke listen to meh David Bowie Cassettes.

Bai Bai...
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