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I hate modems...

Mm, Hello loves, how are all of you today?

Well, myself, I am very... tired and rather annoyed.. Why you ask? Well, thys stupid modem that we got from Qwest DSL lyke crapped out on me... and ryght when Danny's birthday was approaching. That totally sucks... and kind of ruined my weekend. I guess, forantly, they have sent another through mail and it is suppost to arrive tuesday... lets just hope it gets here, aakee?

Mm, well my weekend has been mighty productive... espically yesterday. Mm, let's see what happened... Ah, yes, I left my grandma's for the day to go help out at the land with Cassandra and her family. Mm, yes. Though it rained so plans of that we're called off and we went to Walmart where Cassandra and I tried on clothes... -I- found this mini- skirt... that is pleaded and a nice top to go with it... so Cassandra got one as well.. only a bit different and her shirt is red... while myne, black. Mm, yes, then we hung out at -her- house... downloading songs and burning CD's... Sounds real productive?

Oh yes, i almost forgot, Josh is being accused by Kayleigh of cheating on her wyth me! I find it rather amusing... Mm, Oh, Carly and Anne-- whoever the fuck that is... thynk of me as the ‘Spawn of Evil.’ Its funny, really, stupid little sophmores, all of them.

Mm, yes, but anygay, --...Why did I just type 'anygay' ... Grr... Damn Matt and his catchy words, oh and speaking of him... he called me, Mm, suprising. Mm, yes, any--ways, Oh! Get thys, I talked to John and he offered to call me.. I thynk he might call meh tonight... Hm, this should be interesting... Lyke old tymes, except we're -not- dating... Oh and Cassandra found herself a boyfriend-- rather -I- did.. she was too chicken to ask him out so I did it for her... and well he said 'Yes'... Mm, yeah, but anyways--- I say "Mm, yeah" alot... strange, oh well. I thynk I might do some drawing later.

Hm, thys is the longest my journal entries have been in awhile... Hmm, Oh, today, while my mom was out applying for a job at thys one place... I fell asleep in the back of the car reading "Us Weekly” that was fun.. then we went somewhere else and I fell asleep again... then finally my mom woke me up again asking if I wanted to go eat somewhere, since she had just went to the bank... We all decided on IHOP... I ate and such... got sorta syck, see thys is why I dont lyke eating.. cause you end up sick... Why would you want to eat if you might end up sick? Oh well, Mm, anyways, I’m about to end thys here... and go take a shower soon.

Bleh, School starts soon... I got Mrs. Dappen for english-- FUCK! I’m screwed... Mm, anyways, I got Mr. Dappen for homeroom...? Ooh.. I just noticed that I havent used one internet emotion face in thys at all. Guess my obsession wyth them are over. Yay, go me... Mm, Ben finally got to me... and I gave him my number... I wonder if he’ll actually call me. Mm, anyways, I am seriously ending thys here.

Til next tyme kiddies.

Current Quote: "Take me to the next step and show me the way now."
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