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Another post...

Mm, Hello again loves, I'm just posting again out of boredom while watching the 'Cowboy Bebop' movie... I wonder if John shall call me tonight? I'd be nice to talk with him again since we had a messy break up... kind of like his break up with Tess. He never learns, I swear. I laughed a lot last night though because of Jeff... he IMed John saying something about [him] and I kissing... and John was getting annoyed... its really rather cute, I laughed a bit. Then I IMed Jeff about it and was lyke 'We're not kissing! We're just talking." and Jeff responded with "Does talking include sloppy tongue kisses?" Heh, He only teases me though... Sarah must have saw John and I speaking and then IMed Jeff and told him... Heh, my special little pawns still playing games.

OW... Erm, I doubt any of you need to know thys... but what the hell-- -I- somehow got a cut -inside- of me... If you catch my drift... and it hurts-- a lot. Mm, but no more about that.

Anygays, I have this serious urge to lyke watch "Labyrinth." Cause meh baby; David Bowie is in it... and I've been listening to David Bowie a lot lately. This movie is weird... I thynk Vincent was going to rape Faye... I dunno, anyways I'm going to go back to watching thys movie.

Tah Tah-- erm, Au revoir mon cheri's.

Current Quote: "I love the kind of woman that can kick my ass."
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