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Thursday, July 14th, 2005
11:40 am
Plans for TODAY:

1> Help out at the Charlie && the Chocolate Factory party.
2> Head home && clean up my room. (Laundry, Vaccumming, && trash... etc.)
3> SLEEP - I'm so tired, I've only had like forty minutes of sleeping time today.

Don't forget to call me, Angel. =]

Ohmygoddessohmygoddess. Angel says I have poofy lips. o_o

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Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
4:05 pm
Yesterday, I went to the Special Screening of Charlie && the Choclate Factory with Toshi. We saw Jenn and Michaela, as well as Tiffany there too. The movie was great! I laughed through most of it. ^^; It was better than the original.

Today, I've been playing Tennis with Kozi. Its terribly hot out. x.x; I know I'm going to get sunburned, but thats okay, I have a pool to go to at home to cool down. Sister is still out of town. >>- She'll be back tomorrow. Sadly, I kind of miss her annoying presence. There is no one to make fun of. v.v;

Oh well, Thats all for today.

Love you, Angel.

<3 Miyavi

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Monday, July 11th, 2005
1:22 pm - Guess who's back? Back again.
I'm baaaaaack && I am superly hyper && bored! >>-

Anyone want to get in contact with me.
AIM= Ogninyou
MSN= mypressureonyourhips@hotmail.com
YIM= ogninyou@yahoo.com
Xanga= miyavism
GreatestJournal= ogninyou

If LJ Were a Bar by Karen_Walker
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Got in with a Fake IDleilie
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current mood: hyper && bored

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
2:09 am - Le Gasp! I'm going to kill people!!

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Which person on your LJ friends list will murder you for posting ridiculous amounts of these stupid memes all the time?
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:D I'm on meh way to becoming a serial killer lyke meh idol; Charles Manson.

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2:05 am - DEATH--- By Lei Lei.

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current mood: x__X;;

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
2:55 pm - Mm, whee?
We got the modem to go back on today... it was just the stupid power cord...

I'm listening to lots of music right now and talking to friends. Ben called meh house last night but I wasn't home.. Oh well, anywhom..

-I- was minding meh own business... watching t.v. downstairs when I felt something crawling on the back of meh neck... I put meh finger back there and something hot spread through the back of meh neck and then into my finger-- So I pulled meh finger back and shook it...-- Turns out... it was a bee-- who stung me...-- twice.

Gah... I'm gonna go-- have nothing to say.

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current mood: :D Hehe...

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Monday, August 9th, 2004
6:22 pm - Another post...
Mm, Hello again loves, I'm just posting again out of boredom while watching the 'Cowboy Bebop' movie... I wonder if John shall call me tonight? I'd be nice to talk with him again since we had a messy break up... kind of like his break up with Tess. He never learns, I swear. I laughed a lot last night though because of Jeff... he IMed John saying something about [him] and I kissing... and John was getting annoyed... its really rather cute, I laughed a bit. Then I IMed Jeff about it and was lyke 'We're not kissing! We're just talking." and Jeff responded with "Does talking include sloppy tongue kisses?" Heh, He only teases me though... Sarah must have saw John and I speaking and then IMed Jeff and told him... Heh, my special little pawns still playing games.

OW... Erm, I doubt any of you need to know thys... but what the hell-- -I- somehow got a cut -inside- of me... If you catch my drift... and it hurts-- a lot. Mm, but no more about that.

Anygays, I have this serious urge to lyke watch "Labyrinth." Cause meh baby; David Bowie is in it... and I've been listening to David Bowie a lot lately. This movie is weird... I thynk Vincent was going to rape Faye... I dunno, anyways I'm going to go back to watching thys movie.

Tah Tah-- erm, Au revoir mon cheri's.

Current Quote: "I love the kind of woman that can kick my ass."

current mood: Z_Z;;

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2:50 pm - I hate modems...
Mm, Hello loves, how are all of you today?

Well, myself, I am very... tired and rather annoyed.. Why you ask? Well, thys stupid modem that we got from Qwest DSL lyke crapped out on me... and ryght when Danny's birthday was approaching. That totally sucks... and kind of ruined my weekend. I guess, forantly, they have sent another through mail and it is suppost to arrive tuesday... lets just hope it gets here, aakee?

Mm, well my weekend has been mighty productive... espically yesterday. Mm, let's see what happened... Ah, yes, I left my grandma's for the day to go help out at the land with Cassandra and her family. Mm, yes. Though it rained so plans of that we're called off and we went to Walmart where Cassandra and I tried on clothes... -I- found this mini- skirt... that is pleaded and a nice top to go with it... so Cassandra got one as well.. only a bit different and her shirt is red... while myne, black. Mm, yes, then we hung out at -her- house... downloading songs and burning CD's... Sounds real productive?

Oh yes, i almost forgot, Josh is being accused by Kayleigh of cheating on her wyth me! I find it rather amusing... Mm, Oh, Carly and Anne-- whoever the fuck that is... thynk of me as the ‘Spawn of Evil.’ Its funny, really, stupid little sophmores, all of them.

Mm, yes, but anygay, --...Why did I just type 'anygay' ... Grr... Damn Matt and his catchy words, oh and speaking of him... he called me, Mm, suprising. Mm, yes, any--ways, Oh! Get thys, I talked to John and he offered to call me.. I thynk he might call meh tonight... Hm, this should be interesting... Lyke old tymes, except we're -not- dating... Oh and Cassandra found herself a boyfriend-- rather -I- did.. she was too chicken to ask him out so I did it for her... and well he said 'Yes'... Mm, yeah, but anyways--- I say "Mm, yeah" alot... strange, oh well. I thynk I might do some drawing later.

Hm, thys is the longest my journal entries have been in awhile... Hmm, Oh, today, while my mom was out applying for a job at thys one place... I fell asleep in the back of the car reading "Us Weekly” that was fun.. then we went somewhere else and I fell asleep again... then finally my mom woke me up again asking if I wanted to go eat somewhere, since she had just went to the bank... We all decided on IHOP... I ate and such... got sorta syck, see thys is why I dont lyke eating.. cause you end up sick... Why would you want to eat if you might end up sick? Oh well, Mm, anyways, I’m about to end thys here... and go take a shower soon.

Bleh, School starts soon... I got Mrs. Dappen for english-- FUCK! I’m screwed... Mm, anyways, I got Mr. Dappen for homeroom...? Ooh.. I just noticed that I havent used one internet emotion face in thys at all. Guess my obsession wyth them are over. Yay, go me... Mm, Ben finally got to me... and I gave him my number... I wonder if he’ll actually call me. Mm, anyways, I am seriously ending thys here.

Til next tyme kiddies.

Current Quote: "Take me to the next step and show me the way now."

current mood: Gah...

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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
11:44 am - Hoooooooottttt--x.x
Bleh, Today is hot outside and stuff... I'm suppost to be at meh grandma's... but Now I am at Cassie's for the day...gotta go back tomorrow though. Meh... The stupid modem broke so They are sending a new one that'll be there on tuesday.... Gah... Thys sucks.

Hmm... Matt called meh yesterday to apologize for being a jerk... x.x; Lol Hm, I got a new skirt and top today...

Yesterday, I was at a bunch of places... I ended up getting a awesome Wakizashi. XD Lol, Cassie stabbed the car seat with it... >.>;; Hehe... I'm lyke tired... Anyways..

Thats about all I have to say... I'm gonna go lyke listen to meh David Bowie Cassettes.

Bai Bai...

current mood: Heat...x_x

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Saturday, August 7th, 2004
8:33 am - Wheee...
Mm, I'm sitting on the computer at 8:30 in the morning because In a hour i am leaving to go to some inventory outlet...then I'm going to meh grandma's. o.o;;

-Coughs.- Bleh.

I'm talking to Ben... Wheee... o.o;; Bowling last night was fun, I guess. o.O

I dont have much to say... other than.

Ben, I [heart] you xD and I'm glad we're friends cause your lyke spiffeh. ^^

Tomorrow is Danny's birthday! Whee... I [heart] you, Klaha-kun. Your the best. xD

Anyways...Bai Bai.

current mood: Whee...? o.O

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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
3:25 pm - Another Day...
Well, today is going by so interesting... after fyghtyng wyth my mother, I ran off to Cassie's to play vydeo games and such. Now I am syttyng at the computer.

Eh... I myght have to go to Menards or somethyng... Ehhhh... Gah.

Anyways, I'm lyke really bored... Laura-ness is goyng to make me a coooool pycture that says somethyng remotly interestyng. Anyways... I love you, Laura. You fuckyng rock my world. =D

Anyways, thys journal is gettyng rather poyntless and boryng. O.o

Kynd of lyke my lyfe. O.o Anyways... I'm endyng thys here.

Bai Bai.

[x] Mana [x]

current mood: Eh...x.x;

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
10:46 am - Stupid Quizes...
Mm, Morning Dolls... I took a test today to make my friend happy... So here it is.

does miyavi like you? by scarybuttox
does he like you?HE LOVES YOU, YOU LUCKY WHORE
why?because you're insane.
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current mood: just woke up...

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
4:40 pm - BLAH...o.o Moo?
Mm, Hello my beautiful children. By the way, I say that with -much- love. Mm, Hehe. Anywhom, today is yet another day being spent at Cassandra's wasting my pitiful life away. My very existence is at hand and I cannot even grasp it... cause my life sucks.

This morning was pretty much the same... get up, call a friend, play some video games, wash some clothes, take a shower, go to a friends house. Meh, all the same.

Danny, you're hawt-ness. I'm sending you a present, get over it. :) Muahahaha.

Lately I have found most of my friends to suck and some to rather -dislike- me... And all of you... do know who you are. Mm, Anywhom, We shall be returning to the land today... x.x How fun? Mm, Yeah, anyways, we took pictures with the digi cam and such. So yeah. Bleh. I was on to "Top Rated Girls" On vf... apparently... I'm "hawt" as they say... They're blind. Anyways...

I'm going to go...


Bai Bai.

current mood: Bleh...

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Monday, July 26th, 2004
3:50 pm - Oy, This is getting annoying...
I'm started to get annoyed with this whole journal thing... Oy vey, this sicks... :( Bleh.

Lately I dont have much to say anymore... Its getting boring in my life. I've been at my grandma's for awhile now... like four days with Cassandra and I am beginning to hate all my supposed 'friends' ...Bleh. Cassandra got a profile on VF... I have a new one as well. But that one I am not giving out. She's Manas_Kozi.

I got to talking with Mairin, she is pretty cool. Her favorite bands are Malice Mizer and Dir en grey like mine. Sooo she rocks. I'm terribly bored.

This journal entry sucks... just like my life.

My mom is terribly pissed at me... so Yay for me. :(

Bai Bai.

current mood: Bleh...

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Saturday, July 24th, 2004
4:20 pm - Friends Only.
Bleh, bunch of people have been telling me to make this shyt friends only...so now it is. :)

Have a great day, losers. :)

current mood: People suck...

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4:11 pm - : ) New Internet...
Yay, I have new internet! It rocks. Its DSL and it goes sooooo much faster than AOL! Yay! I am at my grandma's with Cassandra. She ish spending the whole weekend with moi. Sounds fun...? Eh, Just maybe...? I'm hungry...

It seems I get irritated very easily lately. :( I wonder whats wrong... Oh well.

I'm going to go bother people... Might start a new account on VF. Who knows..? :)

current mood: DSL ROCKS MY SOCKS!

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Friday, July 23rd, 2004
9:20 am - Tired...is only a word. :)
I am still tired and it's 9:20 in the morning. :) I woke up because of Cassandra's snoring. >.>; And now I am awake... and later on today I shall be going to my grandma's so I may bask in the joy that is getting away from home. :)

We switched internet services now...so I have to get used to the new internet thingy... I need to finish my clothes... they need to go into the dryer. :)

Eh...I'm still sick...Bleh.

Right now I am watching the "Illuminati" video from Malice Mizer when Gackt was still in the group...and this video is very... -sexual- blood everywhere...dead bodies being fucked...its all quite vivid. :) and you cant forget the weapons...:)

i'm still a bit tired...bleh...Cassie is going out to get a game for her Gamecube today... x.x; Boring... well at least she is getting SOul Calibur 2 and I also thinkshe is getting the first two seasons of "Dark Angel"

Mairin left me a comment on my profile... :) Yay. Lol.

Well I'm gonna go...I got better things to do. :)

current mood: Yay...er-ness?

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
10:37 pm - What a day...
Eeee, Today was quite interesting... I guess. I woke up and stuff. Like always and my mom was telling me to get my lazy ass off the couch cause it was 10 am... Too early for moi. Anywho, Then she left and I went to the Movies to see I, Robot with Cassie and her family.

We went to the land and Long John Silvers, Menards and Walmart and thats about it. Anywhom, My mom is rather ticked at me cause I dont spend enough time at home. And Jeffy is reading everything I type and so is Cassandra. By the way today is Cassandra's birthday... So give her like a 'Happy Birthday.'

This weekend I am going to my grandma's with Cassie, That should be rather...fun. Now I am going to go play Rummy with Cassie.

Bye all of you freaks. :)

current mood: Weee....?

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Monday, July 19th, 2004
9:09 pm - What are friends for...
The question today is what are friends for... if they act like enemies? I mean everytime I turn around someone is mad at someone. Oh well. Today was a rather interesting day... after waking up at 7 am in the morning and getting ready to work on the land in a hour... I had a pretty interesting day.

At like 11:10 am I went to the car and fell asleep in the back for twenty minutes til I was woken up by Cassie... Then I woke up again after falling asleep and Cassie's family were getting back into the car...so yeah. After all that... we went back home and such...watched t.v. Nothing special.

I talked to Luke and Danny online... Danny sent me like 4 new Malice Mizer/gackt videos... Illumanti is really erotic-ish...its cool though...cause like it's all about sex, bondage, blood and stuff. :) My kind of stuff. Lets see Luke and I talked...Blah we argued and forgave... I checked my old hotmail account and I had gotten e mail from John stating he was leaving for three weeks, which I knew. And apprently his new girlfriend is a girl named "Tess" well I hope she has fun with him...cause after I lost all the things I had to him... he decided he wanted to start something new with someone else, but what do I care!

Anyways, I'm going swimming on Wensday! Yay! With me, Rachel, Jon, and Cassie. :) I get to get a swim suit too. Yay! Anyways I got people to go rate and bother on VF!

current mood: Weeeeee!!

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Saturday, July 17th, 2004
10:07 pm - I know how a pregnant woman feels...
Oh my fucking gawd... My back is fucking killing me. I know how a pregnant woman feels now. This fucking sucks and I am still sick.

Lets see, tomorrow is Cassandra's birthday party... That should be fun... O.o I guess. We are making Justin go.

My life has been...basically rather boring... Meh. Anyways... it's mildly okay outside..my feet are cold and I am bored...

Thats really all I have to say... oh and I am lonely. :)

current mood: I'm also Lonely. :)

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