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What a day...

Eeee, Today was quite interesting... I guess. I woke up and stuff. Like always and my mom was telling me to get my lazy ass off the couch cause it was 10 am... Too early for moi. Anywho, Then she left and I went to the Movies to see I, Robot with Cassie and her family.

We went to the land and Long John Silvers, Menards and Walmart and thats about it. Anywhom, My mom is rather ticked at me cause I dont spend enough time at home. And Jeffy is reading everything I type and so is Cassandra. By the way today is Cassandra's birthday... So give her like a 'Happy Birthday.'

This weekend I am going to my grandma's with Cassie, That should be Now I am going to go play Rummy with Cassie.

Bye all of you freaks. :)
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